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Finance Utilities
Developer: Memention AB

Do you have an iSight or a built in camera? Many bills with OCR numbers to enter?
Then you can use Mye to easily scan the numbers from the bill straight from the iSight into a text field in any application.

To use:

1. Start Mye

2. Click in the field the number should be entered

3. Hold the bill with the OCR numbers infront of the iSight. The numbers should be between the two horizontal lines.

4. Check that the numbers are correct (note that the OCR process is not 100% correct all the time)

NOTE! There seem to be a problem with the Skype client that might take possession of the iSight so Mye cant access it. Please quit Skype when you need to use Mye. Im looking into this problem.

NOTE! The OCR number is checked with the common checksum method used in Sweden for OCR codes.